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 Michael Dunn's Letter
to Lisa Harrison 4/14/2013

I am posting this. I have had this in my email boxes for a number of days while Keenan and Dunn alternate between going to war and making peace with the OPPT, a war that exists only in their minds.   We have never been at war with Keenan.  But their very clear worried or panicked.  He's simply irrelevant to what we are doing. 
- American Kabuki

From: Michael Dunn 
To: lisa@lisamharrison.com
Cc: No Cc
Subject: Michael Dunn reaching out re Neil Keenan and OPPT - we have both beenplayed...
Date: 2013-4-14 17:16:57

Hello Lisa,

I don't know if you saw my response to your comment on Jean's thread before her site went down, but I was very glad to see it.  I, too, am a singer, and I think our collective ears are aching right now to hear that "tweak" that resolves our voices into something more like harmony.  I think there's a chance our common ground is much greater than recent events have shown, and I'm hoping we can disagree in friendly fashion where needed, while supporting each other's efforts where we can. I could be wrong, but it's worth a try.  The main thing is, I now think we've both been played....but by whom is the question.

I hope you can understand that we did not have any hostility or agenda re OPPT.  We're pretty busy here, and we're not into attacking people....unless in self-defense.  Our post was almost entirely triggred and motivated by the death threats (the one against us, and those against others). [NOT FROM US!]

I've listened to your interviews and I've heard the clean and elevated vibration in your voice, and I've read most of the OPPT material, and Brian and I probably know a lot of the same SRF devotees down in Encinitas (I led meditations at the SRF Lake Shrine in L.A. for fifteen years), and I'm essentially a kirtan artist at heart, and I know perfectly well that you guys are not the type to be calling in death threats. But the threats were made.

So that raises the questions, who is doing this and why? Given the pattern of threats against those who are posting questions about OPPT, it's obviously disturbing and damages OPPT badly, and creates division among those opposing the cabal....which may well be the object.  Our considered take on it was that OPPT had been co-opted by cabalists who were using you guys to get their hands back on the Global Accounts, having been blocked by Neil Keenan.  Given that this was our conviction, we went after OPPT with a vengeance, believing that your promising project had become a tool of the cabal, and that good people (including us) were now in physical danger.

A few days ago a friend with Russian Television forwarded to us the anonymous piece floating around about "Indonesian royals" distancing themselves from Keenan, etc., with the speculation about Jean and myself as "agency operatives." It was irritating, of course, and we almost responded, but then thought, why bother, it's anonymous and baseless, and no one will take it seriously. Plus it wasn't getting much play anyway, and we saw no reason to elevate its profile by a rebuttal, when we were so busy with our own work.

We have now followed that bird to ground, however....and found the snake in the grass (wacky mixed metaphor, I know, but sleep has been scanty).

The last twenty-four hours have brought new information to light, and I'm hoping we can have a conversation to see if we can find common ground.

I understand that you think my post was "damage control" from Neil Keenan's team in response to OPPT progress with the Global Accounts...that we're losing ground to OPPT on the Accounts, and that we needed to attack OPPT to shore up our own credibility.  [why do they need to damage control if what they have is real?] Given the information you may have in hand, I can understand why you might think that.  The reality is quite different.

We have just learned that the information you have in hand apparently came from Malik Hughes, who we have now come to regard as a deeply untrustworthy person - possibly a cabal agent.  Malik has attempted to position himself as the middleman and broker between everybody from Obama to Jesus, while playing twelve sides against the middle.  He's with the Qing Empress' team, but who he's really working for is now an open question.  He is well-connected, but his list of broken promises and double-dealing have now reached an intolerable level, and we are cutting him loose. Here's why - he at first denied to us that he'd been in touch with OPPT, but when confronted with a skype thread from Jean in which he derided OPPT and spoke of being in touch with OPPT, he informed us that he was leading OPPT along, in order to co-opt your numbers, and get the OPPT crowd behind Neil (if this sounds like rank and confused bullshit, it's because it is).

The e-mail threads and skype recordings on this are totally damning (I will be happy to share them with you).  Malik apparently played up to OPPT the idea that Neil's standing was slipping in order to give OPPT the idea that you might be funded by the non-existent "Indonesian Royals." Then he turns around to us and at first denies ever having talked to you, but when confronted with the evidence, tells us he's just playing you in order to bring your numbers in behind Keenan.

[Curious isn't this?  Because this exactly what Keenan is saying now about Swissindo! -AK]

If Malik is a cabal operative, as I now suspect, did he have someone call our hotel with the death threat in order to provoke our attack on OPPT?  [Why is he asking us? We don't do threats.] The only consistent pattern to his efforts over the last few months has been to create confusion and division, amid an endless string of broken promises and b.s.   Creating confusion and division is the cabal's primary tactic.

The fact is we would never have posted the attack on OPPT if we hadn't gotten that threat.  That piece was not in the pipeline (though people had been sending us information), and we've got other really important stuff on our plates. [Then why didn't he ask us before posting that piece and why does he not retract it?]

I know all this looks confusing, and you can decide this message is "damage control" from Keenan's beleaguered team or whatever if you want, but I'm hoping we can have a conversation to see if things can be cleared up. Yes, our view of the facts is that Neil has the backing of the Indonesian Elders, [I thought they were only gatekeepers?  Can't make up their minds can they?] has been offered a seat on the Qing Dynasty council to manage the Global Account notes and assets, [along with the self acknowledged Annunaki Malik Hughes from Planet Rizq no doubt?] and has 160 nation consortium aligned with the Monaco Accords, and yes, it's true that we now think OPPT's recent claim comes through the b.s. of Malik Hughes....whatever, time will sort that out in pretty quick order.  But meantime, a lot of division and hostility has been generated out there....and it appears that we may well be allowing ourselves to be maninpulated by the bad guys.  [There are no enemies only embodiments of Eternal Essence - separation is illusion. There are unconscious embodiments of Eternal Essence and they do make their choices. ]

Let's have a conversation and find out.....[we did, they just went on attacking]

My skype name is xxxxx, and I'll be happy to talk with you anytime.

Wishing you peace, joy, and success,
Michael D.

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