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Well,it seems that we are now reaching the most important moments of this transformation. In the next few days the new and unexpected information will come out. Some of us already know (or rather feel) it,some will be surprised...and those who are still asleep might be shocked.

The story that is emerging is of epic proportions....

I never had much admiration for those in the legal profession (LOL!). But in order to protect myself and those close to me I decide to learn all I could about the Law. During the years of my research I went deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole and at the end of the journey I found out that I was standing up! Tall and proud,aware of who I was for the first time in my life. My spiritual growth and transformation had a lot to do with my knowledge of the Law. Not the commercial Law that we are dealing with in the Courts today, but the higher forms of the Law. Those opened my eyes more than any poetry,art or philosophy could ever do.....

Back to the legal profession. As I said: lawyers never impressed me in terms of their moral or intellectual values.
Until I met Heather(well I never actually met her and I probably never will but it feels like her and I are old friends by now). I never follow anybody. I never obey (which put me in trouble many times in my life!).

When I first learned about OPPT and what was done on behalf of all of us, I was deeply touched.
Actually, I knew that the world would never be the same....

Little did I know about how profound this change would be. Heather led us through this shift in understanding the reality and ourselves with patience and grace. Soon we understood that the Universal Truth that was so eloquently put into words in all of the UCC filings was to lay the foundations for the new era, not only here on Earth but throughout the Universe.

As a little girl I used to say to my parents that this here wasn't my home. They never really listened. As many parents would do when hearing such statements from their children,they dismissed those words as something that an imaginative child would say.... I had this profound sadness that stayed with me for the rest of my life.

I couldn't understand the madness and the cruelty of this world and I always felt as a stranger here....I still do. Then I read the carefully crafted OPPT UCC filings and I started to remember....There was so much more to these words. In my life I read many legal documents, some UCC documents as well. None came close to what I read here. I was amazed that the Trustees were able to include us all in those documents.Nobody ever managed this before. I am sure many have tried.

I joined the first wave. I helped people with the legal information in the beginning, in order to facilitate the understanding of what was done. Soon I understood that my legal knowledge could not guide anybody any further than the bare information regarding the legal framework. There was so much more that was to be discovered by our inner guide. This was a language of the heart,the memory of long lost nature of our being and the Universe.It was there to wake us up. When I read the filing revealed to the public in February but filed on 9th of December 2012 (the last one at that time) I cried. I knew then that my long wait was coming to an end. We were all going home. All was brought back to prime. All would be revealed now. The experiment was ending, the suffering would stop,the illusion was about to dissolve.... I was happy and elated for the first time since I was a child.

Now we are all witnessing the unravelling, the last chapter of this cosmic drama. I see it, I feel it...I know it.

I also know how hard it is becoming for me to explain this feeling and awareness to anybody who isn't ready to remember.... It is a process. Each of us has to go through this door in his/her own time. I see people violently attacking us,accusing us of being some New Age religion (!?). And yet this Truth will stay. Nothing and nobody can change it. It is all inclusive, all loving, self-empowering, noble and undeniable.

I will carry it in my heart as long as there is life in me... I am nobody's slave and nobody is my master. They may have force over me but they will never have power over me. This truth makes me eternal. This truth will eventually defeat all the abuse and abusers, pain, suffering and injustice. This truth will set us all free. Free to return to abundance, freedom and joy. Free to return to our true nature. I thank you all for being here during these decisive moments in history of our planet and Universe.

The last chapter is being played now. Keep your eyes and your hearts open!

Till tomorrow.....


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