Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Be the You that is the only Being that IS.
“Absolute Reality is simple. It is concerned only with the absolute allness of God.

Absolute Reality shows that God -- also called the One, I AM,
Consciousness, Being, Spirit, Love, Life, Infinite Mind -- is
absolutely all Presence and Power, the only Self there is.

God, the Self, is never afar off, is never "higher" than you, but is
the very Consciousness, Life, alive and aware reading this

The Allness of the One leaves no secondary self, life or personal
mind that ever became separate and must get back at-one with the One.
There is no contact that needs to or can be made, for the One being
You now never separated from Itself.

Absolute Reality states what God is to God --for there honestly is no other being alive or conscious. It starts with the allness of God, continues with the allness of God and ends up with the allness of God.

To appreciate the viewpoint presented here, ask yourself: If the One,
the All-Self, could talk or write a book, what would the One say?

The One could only speak of Its own Being, the immediacy of Its own
Total Presence, Its own Absoluteness. The only One It could be
speaking to would be Itself. The Self wouldn't have to learn or be
instructed how to become Itself, because It already is Itself, is All,

This doesn't leave "you" out, for that very Self is the only You there is. What Is is All that is! Be the You that is the only Being that is!” - Collective Evolution

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